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Why Lifestyle? Newborn Edition.

I am frequently asked if I photograph newborns. When I respond that I do but I only offer lifestyle newborn sessions, I immediately feel the resistance. I know, I know… You want those gorgeous newborn photos with baby in a basket or wrapped in a blanket with a dainty little headband. They’re beautiful. I even had my daughter photographed with a traditional newborn photographer. There’s nothing sweeter than looking back on those images and seeing how angelic she was.

Princeton WV Newborn Photographer

See, I told you she was beautiful.

From the very start of my photography journey I wanted to be a newborn photographer. I spent TONS of money on hats, wraps, props, blankets, classes, etc… I absolutely love babies and I wanted to create those gorgeous newborn images so badly. I would try them every now and then before I had my daughter and thought well, maybe this will get easier after I’ve had my own baby. Guess what? It didn’t. They won’t sleep for me, won’t bend for me, won’t pose for me. None of the above y’all! (Newborn photographers truly have a gift from God, I refer to them as baby whisperers!) I realized I was just not cut out for the traditional newborn photography scene. And it devastated me. I wanted so badly to be a newborn photographer who could provide gorgeous timeless images to my clients! Being a family photographer, it is expected that you photograph newborns as well and I really struggled with the fact that I just couldn’t do newborns. Enter lifestyle newborn photography…

It was love at first click y’all.

From my very first lifestyle newborn session I knew this was something I wanted to offer my clients. When my clients look at their newborn images, I want them to feel the love they had those first few weeks with their brand new baby. I want them to see the wonder and amazement in big sister’s eyes. I want them to remember how tiny baby’s head was in their hands. There’s something so special about capturing a new baby in their natural environment. Things are so relaxed and we get to capture all of those sweet details in baby’s room. We get to capture how tiny baby looks in her crib, Mom rocking her baby boy in a rocking chair that has been passed down for generations… The possibilities truly are endless!

Princeton WV Newborn Photographer
There are several benefits to booking a lifestyle newborn session as well! Lifestyle newborn sessions are VERY relaxed and laid back. Because we don’t focus on posing baby, if baby is fussy or will not sleep it’s no big deal! As you can see, in most of my lifestyle newborn sessions baby is in either mom or dads arms. Mom or dads arms = comfort, security and warmth! Most of my babies stay pretty happy like this but if they’re having a fussy day it’s perfectly fine!!! If baby needs to eat, he can eat! I LOVE capturing those little moments too! Another major benefit to lifestyle newborn sessions? We can do the session even if baby is past the typical 7-10 day window most newborn photographers recommend. I’ve done lifestyle newborn sessions with babies up to 6 weeks old!!! This puts no rush on you to get your session done. We can do it when baby is a few weeks old and everyone is more comfortable and relaxed.

As you can see, there are so many reasons to book a lifestyle newborn session! They truly are special sessions that capture your sweet family with your brand new baby!!!

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