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Happy Monday! Today I’ve decided to blog something a little different and more personal. It’s almost October which means I’m coming up on my busiest time of the year. Every year, come November, I’m swearing off my photography business, promising my husband I’m selling my camera and vowing to never let myself be as busy the following year. And guess what? Every fall I’m busier than I was the year before. 😉 I truly am so thankful for all of my amazing clients and that I am busy. My business allows me to do things for my kids and family that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. I’d be lying if I said come November I won’t be burnt out though. Despite the beautiful fall colors and the amazing families I get to see, photographing 4-5 sessions a week is HARD. Most people know that I work a full-time job on top of running a full-time photography business. I work 9-5 and then do sessions every weekend and evening. On top of shooting I have to edit these sessions which takes a lot of time… Plus I’m a mom! It’s go go go all the time but especially in the fall.

It’s so easy for me to get burnt out and every year I do. This year though, I’m vowing to be different. I’ve scheduled several weekends off for family time and am focused on making this the fall the best one yet. I titled this blog Remembering Your Why because this past weekend I was reminded of my “why.” A week ago, Hannah was watching me edit (as she always does, she says she wants to be a “totographer” like me) and she said Mom, we haven’t done any pretty pictures of me in a long time. Talk about a punch in the gut. Friday was a hectic day. I was busy at work, I was absolutely exhausted because I’d stayed up every night that week until at least midnight editing glitter minis. I was just over everything. That evening I went to pick her up from my parents house and said “Hannah, we’re going out to do pretty pictures of you tonight.” It was one of those last minute decisions I regretted even mentioning the entire way to our location. I was tired, she was tired, we both were hungry… Not a good combination. We arrived to the most beautiful location and I immediately felt calm in my being. We got out of our car and walked over to where I wanted to photograph her and both just started having fun. We laughed, she twirled, we talked about different flowers, we admired the clouds Hurricane Florence was bringing in. It started to sprinkle so we hopped back in the car to head to the grocery store to get things for dinner. As we were driving, we topped the mountain and saw that the sun was shining. I decided to go a different route than usual to the grocery store and as luck would have it we saw the most beautiful rainbow. If you know Hannah, you know that she loves rainbows. I quickly pulled over so we could admire it without being distracted. I watched her little eyes dance as she looked at the rainbow. She talked about the beautiful colors and said we needed to go find the pot of gold at the end 😉 As I watched her look at this beautiful rainbow, I couldn’t help but tear up at the look on her sweet little face. The look of wonder, awe and amazement in her eyes. I immediately pulled my phone out and captured the sweet look on her face. As we buckled up and started to drive, I was reminded that this is my why… It’s capturing those little looks of wonder so I never forget that moment. Freezing time, if you will.

Photographers, as we head into this crazy season remember your why. I know it’s busy and hectic and some days you’ll just want to cry but you are giving your clients the most precious gift. The gift of a moment captured that they can never get back. We don’t know what tomorrow holds or how long our loved ones will be with us. Take the picture and give them a memory  to hold on to that they can never get back.

And here she is, the most beautiful girl in the world!! My Hannah Grace <3 She turned 6 this year. She lost her 2 front teeth and her permanent ones are now in. Her hair is always a mess and she likes it that way. She’s amazed by little things… She loves flowers and learning about the weather. She is why I continue to learn and to push on. She is why I never gave up despite all the odds being stacked against me. She is my why.

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