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Guess who sucks at blogging? Hint: it’s me!! I know I say this every time but I promise to get better. I actually miss blogging and sharing all of these gorgeous sessions with you guys. I just got back from vacation (follow my personal Instagram to see all of our shenanigans @autumnbranscome) and we had such a fun time together! We came back from vacation and I had sessions lined up and ready to go and am so glad to be back to shooting what I love!!

I wanted to hop back on the blogging train with this little sweethearts session! I’ve photographed Adeline since her 1st birthday and this was the first session where she loved the camera. I always tell parents after their kids have their cake smash to buckle up because most kids are not fond of the camera until they can be bribed at 2 1/2 or 3. (Or in the case of my children, never! lol) Adeline modeled, posed and loved twirling in her gorgeous dress! Speaking of her dress, isn’t it lovely? This is actually available for client use as it is an ABP Client Closet dress!! I love going above and beyond for my clients and the client closet is a way I can do that!! I am working on expanding it every day!

Enjoy sweet Adeline!! She is just precious!

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